Lost Sock Laundromat
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Store Policies
We appreciate all our customers. However, to maintain a clean and friendly store we do enforce the following store policies. Also, if you are on our property and in our store you automatically agree to these policies.

1.You are responsible for all personal items. This includes laundry, phones, computers, etc. Keep an eye on your belongings. We are not responsible for any damage or lost items. If there are issues call 911 for police assistance.

2.There is no soliciting, loitering or sleeping on the property or inside the store.

3.Please keep an eye and control of your children. We are not a day care. Please have your children behave.

4.Do not leave your laundry unattended. Customers or employees waiting to use a machine have the right to remove your laundry if it is done and sitting in the machine. For this reason we strongly recommend you not leave the store and keep an eye on your laundry.

5.We reserve the right to refuse any service. This includes Wash & Fold orders or customers using the self-service laundry machines.

6.All machines have directions posted on them. There are also several signs posted everywhere with direction on how to use the machines. Please follow the directions. If you have a question asks the attendant.

7.While we try our best to maintain a safe and crime free store, we cannot guarantee certain customers will not try to steal your personal items. Again, if you bring it onto our property and into our store it is your responsibility to keep an eye on it. If there are any issues that arise contact the police by calling 911.

8.Last load must start by 9pm and be done before 10pm. What this means is your laundry should already be in the washer by 9pm so it can be washed and dried by 10pm. We lock the doors at 9pm to begin closing and for safety reasons. Please do not request to come in and out of the store after 9pm and plan ahead so your laundry is done before closing. We cannot stay open after 10pm.

9.We reserve the right to refuse accepting laundry for Wash & Fold service that has any sort of human fluids. This includes feces, urine, blood, etc from humans and animals.  

10.You don’t like beg bugs. We don’t either. Please take any laundry with bed bugs to a specialized cleaning facility. We do not wash any laundry with bed bugs.

11.It is the customer’s responsibility to check their laundry to assure there are no items left in pockets. This includes nails, pens, make-up, etc. Any damage done to laundry due to items left in the laundry is the responsibility of the customer. While we do our best to check pockets for items, we do not guarantee something won’t be missed. Please check your laundry and remove ALL ITEMS before dropping off your laundry.

12.We understand our customers have busy schedules. However, our store has minimal storage space. Please pick up your laundry within 48 hours of dropping it off. We cannot hold your laundry over seven days. After seven days your laundry may be donated to charity.

13.WEEKEND DROP-OFF SERVICE: Due to high volume of drop-off, WE ARE UNABLE to provide the same day service. Please allow 24 hours for pick up.

We remind you Lost Sock Laundromat is on private property and operates as a private business. For the safety of our employees and other customers we reserve this right.